Troy Williams is a Youth Program Development Specialist and Facilitator Trainer for the Victim-Offender Education Group with the Insight Prison Project. He is a member of the Advisory Council for the Alameda County Chief of Probation. Troy is also founder and operator of 4north22, a media production and consulting company that produces transformative stories to produce social change and promote restorative justice. He is the founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the San Quentin Prison Report (SQPR), an award-winning radio and video production program operated inside the prison. Prior to his release from San Quentin, Troy spent six years facilitating curriculum for the Victim-Offender Education Group and other restorative justice programs.

Troy’s experience includes: Co-founder of Freedman Capital, a program designed to teach prisoners in San Quentin the principles of personal finance, and to prepare them for parole and retirement; Founder of Project Emerge, a 16-week financial empowerment and emotional literacy program designed for youth with the Insight Prison Project; Mentor to at-risk youth and incarcerated teens in San Quentin; Facilitator for numerous self-help programs, victim offender education groups, mental health & wellness workshops, domestic violence violence prevention classes; Successful liaison between prisoners, volunteers, community members, prison administrators, media, underserved youth and community organizations; Filmmaker and journalist; Recipient of the Excellence in Journalism Award from the Society of Professional Journalists, November 2014; Author, producer and director of the Troy Williams Journal, a documentary discussing crime, prison, parole and transformation from an experiential perspective; Media Fellow with the Game Changers Project; Columnist for the Oakland Post newspaper; Certified paralegal.

In 2018, Troy was awarded a Soros Fellowship to create a nationwide media platform for the formerly incarcerated.